Each buyer’s agent or property finder in the TFPF network has their own fee structure (“Commission”), mostly depending on how the listing agencies in their region operate. However, in all cases a commission is only payable once you’ve purchased a property, at the signing of the final transfer deed (acte authentique).

In some areas of France, real estate listing agents are happy to share their commission with buyer’s agents, which means that the buyer does not need to pay any additional fee other than the fee already included in the asking price by the listing agent. In that case, the listing agent and the buyer’s agent share the commission.

In other areas, some or all agencies don’t share with any other agencies and the buyer’s agent therefore must ask the buyer an additional commission.

Once you’re in touch with the independent buyer’s agent in your search area, they will give you the exact details on the search mandate agreement and the Commission payable.

Please  contact us with your search criteria and budget and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.


The asking prices of properties in France almost always include the listing agency’s commission, usually payable by the vendor. Agencies are free to agree with the vendor that the agency fee is payable by the buyer, in which case this is separately noted in the listing details.

The agency commission includes 20% TVA (sales tax). It tends to be a range of fees depending on the asking price. The agency commission can be consulted on the website of the agency (under “honoraires” often in the footer of the website). The commission generally ranges from 4% to 8% depending on the price of the property and the agency, with international agencies generally asking a higher fee to cover their higher advertising fees, and often franchise fees.

Since April 2017 agencies are no longer allowed to agree to a reduction in their commission, other than in exceptional circumstances.

Hiring an independent French property finder, buyer’s agent or home finder who is a member of The French Property Finders alliance is the ideal solution when looking to buy real estate in France. In the absence of a central multi-listing system, it allows you to access the entire property market without having to waste time on multiple viewing trips, and without having to contact, and register with, all the agencies in your search area.