Does Gazumping Happen in France?

In London the conversation at social gatherings inevitably turns to house hunting frustrations. There's always someone drowning their sorrows after just having been outbid by another buyer at the last minute. No surprise that the English adopted the satisfyingly resonant Yiddish expression gezumph to name the devastating experience of having your dream property snatched

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South Midi-Pyrenees Mountain Barn Conversion

Sometimes I wonder how anyone manages to buy a house in this region without using a property finder (buyer's agent). I've lived and worked here for many years, so know the agencies and the region inside out and still the process of finding and getting to view the right property can be like trying to

South Midi-Pyrenees Mountain Barn Conversion2020-12-18T21:38:43+01:00

Best Resorts in the French Pyrenees – Bagnères de Luchon

Where else but in France can you enjoy city elegance and superb skiing side by side? It would be hard to find a better example of such dual luxury than in the beautiful Pyrenees town of Bagnères de Luchon. You can enjoy coffee on the sunny terrace of a chic French café, then jump

Best Resorts in the French Pyrenees – Bagnères de Luchon2020-12-18T21:46:30+01:00
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