How to Avoid Buying the Wrong House in France

House hunting is an emotional experience. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your instincts, as long as you know how to avoid buying the wrong house in France. Keep in mind that the moment you start searching, all your fears, longings and romantic notions about the world kick in. Emotions can easily get the

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French Property Search – Problem Properties

In a buyer’s market, house hunters have the luxury of being picky. Most buyers in France currently don’t really want to take on renovation projects and as soon as they find something negative about a house they skip it and continue the search for their dream house. Although I agree that certain problems should

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Best Resorts in the French Pyrenees – Bagnères de Luchon

Where else but in France can you enjoy city elegance and superb skiing side by side? It would be hard to find a better example of such dual luxury than in the beautiful Pyrenees town of Bagnères de Luchon. You can enjoy coffee on the sunny terrace of a chic French café, then jump

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Where to Buy in the Southern Dordogne?

Most househunters' ideas of a holiday bolt hole or permanent home in this sought-after part of France are very similar. No matter the budget. Almost all clients dream of lots of outside space and an idyllic countryside location with views. Authentic stone, period character, space, and light all tend to be on the agenda

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