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The Search Fee is only payable once you’ve purchased a property, at the signing of the final transfer deed (acte authentique). Our partner buyer’s agents each have their own fee range, which they can provide you directly. The Search Fee is calculated as follows:

Purchase Price in €* Search Fee**
< 650 000 3.42% – with a cap of 18 330€
650 000 – 1.5 million 2.82% – with cap of 33 000€
1.5 million – 3 million 2.22% – with a cap of 54 000€
3 million – 5 million 1.8% – with a cap of 75 000€
> 5 million 1.5% with an agreed cap

*Prices exclude stamp duty and taxes (frais d’acquisition).
** Including 20% TVA (“TTC”). The minimum Search Fee invoiced is 5 400€ TTC.


Because we work via an exclusive search mandate agreement and our clients pay us a success fee, you have the guarantee that we are independent from the listing agent and only represent your interests.

This independence allows us to:
  • Give you unbiased expert advice
  • negotiate the best price and conditions on your behalf
  • Search 100% of the market for you – including all agency listings and all private sales.

Finally, vendor agents are often protective of their listings and don’t give out address or other details.  They want to avoid the competition from also getting a listing mandate from the seller – don’t forget that in France only the agency that finds a seller gets any commission.

Because we exclusively represent buyers, listing agents do not hesitate to give us the full details on their listings and also inform us about their “off-market” listings and those not yet on their website.

You’d be surprised how many properties in France are not listed publicly (for a host of different reasons).

What About the Vendor Agency Commission?

The vendor and their agent agree the vendor agency fee, which is included in the asking price (F.A.I. = frais d’agence inclus). We don’t ask the vendor agent to reduce their fee and therefore can work with all listing agents. However, during price negotiations the listing agent often offer a substantial fee reduction because of our involvement, thus saving you money on the overall price paid.

If you want to access the entire property market via one contact person without having to waste time on multiple viewing trips, and if you want  and have a local property expert on your side throughout the search and acquisition, hiring an independent French property finder, buyer’s agent or home finder who is a member of The French Property Finders alliance is the ideal solution when looking to buy real estate in France.